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Mod Integrations

How does it work?

You can simply put your computer next to a supported block.

Example code for an immersive engineering capacitor.

capacitor = peripheral.wrap("IECapacitor_0") --Wrap the capacitor

print("Stored energy: ".. capacitor.getStoredEnergy() .."FE") --Will print the stored energy
print("Energy Capacity: ".. capacitor.getMaxEnergy() .."FE") --Will print the energy capacity

Supported Mods

If you want to see more integrations, you can request a mod integration here

Currently we support:

  • Minecraft
    • Beacon
    • Noteblock
  • Mekanism
    • Fission Reactor
    • Boiler
    • Fusion Reactor
    • Any energy supporting machine
    • Turbine
    • Induction Matrix
    • Digital Miner
    • Chemical Tanks
    • Solar evaporation tower
    • Waste Barrel
    • Fluid and Chemical Tanks
    • Dynamic Tank
  • Draconic Evolution
    • Energy Core
    • Reactor
  • Botania
    • Any flower
    • Any spreader
    • Any mana pool
  • Immersive Engineering
    • Any capacitor
    • Redstone probe
    • Redstone connector
  • Integrated Dynamics
    • Variable Store
  • Storage Drawers
    • Drawer


0.7r Removed the peripheral proxy, you can now connect your computer with any supported block directly. Added Variable Store integration Added Drawer integration

0.6b Added mod integrations with the peripheral proxy

0.5.2b Added fillCircle, drawCircle and drawItemIcon.

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