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Redstone Integrator



The Redstone Integrator is able to interact with redstone. You can use the same code you would use for a computer on a Redstone Integrator.

You may need this peripheral for cases where you need to output redstone signals on more sides than a regular computer has to offer.


Peripheral Name Interfaces with Events Introduced in
redstoneIntegrator Refined Storage No 0.5.3b


The Redstone Integrator uses the same sides as the Redstone API. You can use front, bottom, right and so on.

You can also use Analogue instead of Analog. Example: setAnalogueOutput

local integrator = peripheral.find("redstoneIntegrator") -- Finds the peripheral if one is connected

if integrator == nil then error("redstoneIntegrator not found") end

--Prints some information to the terminal of the computer
print("Left redstone ".. integrator.getAnalogInput("left")) --Will return the level of the redstone at the right side.
print("Right redstone output".. integrator.getOutput("right")) --Will return the output level which is set wich setAnalogOutput
integrator.setOutput("top", true) --Will set the redstone level to 15 at the top of the Redstone Integrator
Function Returns Description
getInput(string direction) boolean Returns true if the redstone at the given side is on. False if not.
getOuput(string direction) boolean Returns true if the Redstone Integrator sends a redstone signal to the given side. False if not.
getAnalogInput(string direction) int Returns the redstone level on the given side.
getAnalogOutput(string direction) boolean Returns the redstone level which sends the Redstone Integrator on the given side.
setOutput(string direction, boolean power) Will set the redstone level to 15 on the given side if power is true.
setAnalogOutput(string direction, int power) Will set the redstone level to the given power on the given side.


0.5.3b Added the lovely Redstone Integrator

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