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Changelog 0.7r

Table of contents

First of all

First of all, big thanks to SirEdvin and FatalMerlin! These aweseome hoomans helped a lot with this update!


MineColonies Integration

We added the Colony Integrator to interact with MineColonies. You can use this peripheral as pocket upgrade or as block.


Integrated Dynamics Integration

We added a peripheral to the "Variable Store" Block from Integrated Dynamics to read variables from integrated dynamics. This new feature is a mod integration, you can see here how you can use these new features.

Storage Drawer Integration

You can now access storage drawers. Store items, push items, pull items or does what ever you want to do with items. This new feature is a mod integration, you can see here how you can use these new features.

Geo Scanner

The Geo Scanner provides information about blocks around him and the chunk of the geo scanner. You could use it to search in the near or analyze ores in a chunk.

Block Reader

With the Block Reader you can read data of blocks and tile entites. You can simply place the blocks in front of it to access it.


NBT Storage

With this block, you're able to store tables or other values. You can simply read and write values with the functions of it. Take a look at the documentation.

New Turtles Upgrades

New powerful turtle upgrades! With this small upgrades you finally can use any tools just from turtle inventories, perform right click on blocks, collect items in small range, transport animals and much more! But be aware, the new abilities require fuel and most of them have a cooldown. Big thanks to SirEdvin who made this upgrades.

New Ingame Documentation

Advanced Peripherals does now use Patchouli to generate an ingame documentation. You can now easy get help without the need of an internet browser.


Small features and improvements

This update also provides a lot of small features and improvements

New functions, events and other features

Here is a list of some new additions

  • Added the slot parameter to the functions of the inventory manager.
  • Added the parameter uuid and isHidden to the chat event.
  • Added a lot of new functions to the Player Detector.
  • We changed some function names of the ME and RS Bridge, be warned.
  • Added the sendFormattedMessage function to the chat box
  • Addes russian translation by DrHesperus

Improved mod integration

You can now connect supported blocks directly with a modem. We completely removed the peripheral proxy.


Support for relative and cardinal directions

You can now use relative directions(right, left, front, bottom, ...) and cardinal directions(North, South, West, East, ...) at the same time. Example redstoneIntegrator.setOutput("north", true) and redstoneIntegrator.setOutput("right", true) would work.

Bug fixes

We fixed some bug fixes in 0.7r. Note: We did not listed all bug fixee.

  • Fixed server crashes with the RS Bridge
  • Fixed chunky turtle performance issues
  • Fixed that the redstone integrators lets pass redstone signal through it
  • Fixed that the redstone integrator does not update blocks around him
  • Improved chat event performance
  • Improved performance
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