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Husbandry automata



The husbandry automata is turtle with Husbandry Mechanic Soul upgrade!

This upgrade allow everything, that Weak automata does and also provide ability interact with animals and even capture it.


Peripheral Name Interfaces with Events Introduced in
husbandryMechanicSoul World No 0.7r

Peripheral funtions

Function Returns Description
useOnAnimal() true, result or nil, err Try use selected item on animal at the front turtle
inspectAnimal() table or nil, err Inspect animal at the front of turtle
searchAnimals() table or nil, err Returns list of animals around turtle
captureAnimal() true or nil, err Capture animal at the front of turtle
releaseAnimal() true or nil, err Release captured animal
getCapturedAnimal() table or nil, err Returns information about captured animal


0.7r Added the husbandry automata

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