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End automata



The end automata is turtle with End Mechanic Soul upgrade!

This upgrade allow everything, that Weak automata does and also provide ability to teleport to stored positions by marks! But this upgrade only works in one dimension now.


Peripheral Name Interfaces with Events Introduced in
endMechanicSoul World No 0.7r

Peripheral funtions

Function Returns Description
savePoint(string name) true or nil, err Saves current turtle location into data for future use
points() table or nil, err Returns list of points with names
warpToPoint(string name) true or nil, err Teleport turtle to stored point if turtle has enough fuel
estimateWarpCost(string name) int or nil, err Returns cost of warp in fuel
distanceToPoint(string name) int or nil, err Return manhattan distance to point
getWarpCooldown() int Returns current waro operation cooldown


0.7r Added the end automata

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