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Item parameters of the ME

The ME Bridge uses a specific table as item parameter. Example of a dirt block with a count of 85: {name="minecraft:dirt", count=85}

The ME Bridge can also use fingerprints to filter items exactly. Every item has its own fingerprint.

You need to use the name parameter or the fingerprint parameter. If you use both, it will not break anything, but the Bridge will use the fingerprint parameter. The count parameter will always work.

We have 2 parameters to filter the NBT values(nbt, json). You can see more on them below.

Possible informations.

Parameter Information Example
name The name of the item (Note: this isn't the display name, it is the registry name like advancedperipherals:computer_tool). {name="advancedperipherals:computer_tool"}
count The count of the item you want to get. {name="advancedperipherals:computer_tool", count=48}
nbt The NBT value as MD5 hash. You can get the MD5 hash via the /advancedperipherals getHashItem command. {name="minecraft:enchanted_book", count=38, nbt="ae70053c97f877de546b0248b9ddf525"}
json This is the NBT value as JSON format. You can find this format everywhere. You can get the format with bridge.getItem(EXAMPLE_PARAMETER).nbt. All functions that return information about items will return the NBT value as JSON and not as MD5 Hash. JSON needs to be a table, not a string! {name="minecraft:book", count=38, json={pages:['{"text":"Advanced Peripherals book example"}'],title:CoolBook,author:Srendi}}
fingerprint This is the fingerprint of an item which you can find in every function that return information about items. If you use fingerprint, name and NBT will be ignored. {fingerprint="501761a712d45cdcdb2f7793dc0339e5"}
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