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Environment Detector



The Environment Detector provides current information from the environment like the current time, the current moon phase, the light level of the block and many more.


Peripheral Name Interfaces with Events Introduced in
environmentDetector World No 0.1b


List of moon phases:

  • 0 Full moon
  • 1 Waning gibbous
  • 2 Third quarter
  • 3 Wanning crescent
  • 4 New moon
  • 5 Waxing crescent
  • 6 First quarter
  • 7 Waxing gibbous

The Environment Detector is easy to use. Wrap the peripheral and use one of the functions.

local detector = peripheral.find("environmentDetector") -- Finds the peripheral if one is connected

if detector == nil then error("environmentDetector not found") end

--Prints some information to the terminal of the computer
print("Biome ".. detector.getBiome())
print("Current moon phase ".. detector.getMoonName())
print("Is raining ".. detector.isRaining())
print("Current dimension ".. detector.getDimensionName())
Function Returns Description
getBiome() string Returns the biome the block is in.
getBlockLightLevel() int Returns the light level of the block (can be manipulated with light sources).
getDayLightLevel() int Returns the day light level of the current world from 0 to 15 (like the day light sensor).
getDimensionName() string Returns the name of the dimension (ex. the_nether).
getDimensionPaN() string Returns the name with the provider of the dimension (ex. minecraft:overworld).
getDimensionProvider() string Returns the provider of the dimension (ex. minecraft).
getMoonId() int Returns the current moon phase as id (ex. 2).
getMoonName() string Returns the current moon phase as name (ex. Third quarter).
getSkyLightLevel() int Returns the sky light level above the block.
getTime() (WIP) int Returns the daytime of the current world.
isDimension(string dimension) boolean Returns true if the current dimension matches the first parameter.
isMoon(int moonphase) boolean Returns true if the current moon phase matches the first parameter (ex. 0 = Full moon).
isRaining() boolean Returns true if it's raining.
isSlimeChunk() boolean Returns true if the chunk is a slime chunk.
isSunny() boolean Returns true if it's sunny.
isThunder() boolean Returns true if it's thundering.
listDimensions() table Returns a table with all registered dimensions(also modded dimensions).


0.6.5b Added getRadiationRaw

0.6.1b Added getRadiation

0.3.3b Added much more functions to the environment detector. The environment detector was a useless block before this update.

0.1b Added the block. It was the second feature of the mod.

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