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Proxy Integrations



How does it work?

You can simply put a peripheral proxy in front of a supported block, so the computer will be able to use functions from that block.

Here is a little gif: Gif

Example code for an immersive engineering capacitor.

capacitor = peripheral.wrap("peripheralProxy:IECapacitor_0") --Wrap the capacitor

print("Stored energy: ".. capacitor.getStoredEnergy() .."FE") --Will print the stored energy
print("Energy Capacity".. capacitor.getMaxEnergy() .."FE") --Will print the energy capacity

Supported Mods

If you want to see more integrations, you can request a mod integration here

Currently we support:

  • Minecraft
    • Beacon
  • Mekanism
    • Fission reactor
    • Boiler
    • Fusion reactor
    • Any energy supporting machine
    • Turbine
    • Induction Matrix
    • Digital Miner
  • Botania
    • Any flower
    • Any spreader
    • Any mana pool
  • Immersive Engineering
    • Any capacitor
    • Redstone probe
    • Redstone connector